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WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness - Black

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About the Product:

An unrestrained pet in a moving vehicle can be dangerous, not only to the pet but also to yourself in the event of an accident. The patented design of the WeatherTech Pet Safety Harness provides your pet with the maximum level of safety and comfort, and it uses your vehicle’s existing seat belts to keep your pet safe and secure on the road.

Your vehicle’s seat belt is one of its most important safety features and this Pet Harness lets you buckle your pet just like you would yourself. The harness is easy to put on and, unlike a traditional leash and/or collar, keeps any pressure or stress generated from the movement of the vehicle off of your pet’s neck and onto its chest. The pet harness features a short tether that has two openings. Just pass your vehicle’s seat belt through one of these openings and click the buckles together. Use the opening closer to your pet if you want to limit the amount of movement your pet is allowed. It can also be used in the cargo area of your vehicle with a climbing grade locking carabiner.

This Pet Safety Harness can also be used even if your pet isn’t in your vehicle. The same tether that keeps your pet safe during car rides can also be hooked to your pet’s leash for walks around the neighborhood or hiking down trails. The harness keeps any pressure from your pet pulling against you on its chest, not its neck!

Note: To ensure proper sizing you will need your dog’s weight and rib cage circumference (to be taken while your dog is standing, behind the front legs at the widest or deepest part of the dog’s rib cage).

Measurement sizes are approximate. For your dog’s comfort, if your dog’s rib cage and or weight measurements are close to the maximum of a size group go UP a size. The Pet Harness is not designed to fit skin-tight, so it’s better to go with the next larger size and tailor the fit using the adjustment strap(s).

Pet Harness Size Pet's Chest Size Pet's Weight
2XS 13" - 18" 5 - 12 lbs.
XS 19" - 23" 12 - 20 lbs.
S 24" - 27" 20 - 35 lbs.
M 28" - 30" 35 - 40 lbs.
L 31" - 34" 40 - 60 lbs.
XL 34" - 41" 60 - 95 lbs.
2XL 37" - 49" 95+ lbs.


Why You Should Buy: 1. Heavy-duty construction that exceeds human seat belt safety standards
2. Quick and easy to put on and take off
3. Patented design can withstand extreme pressure
4. Keeps pressure and stress off of your pet’s neck, significantly reducing the chance of injury
5. Perfect for trips both in the car and on foot, the harness removes pressure on your pet’s neck from pulling during walks

Unit Weight:


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