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Shameless Pets Jerky Bites Dog Treats, Variety Pack - 4 Count (5oz Each)

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About the Product:

Indulge your pup in a healthy snacking adventure with Shameless Pets Jerky Bites Dog Treats. Crafted with real meat as the primary ingredient and enhanced with upcycled superfoods, these tasty treats will undoubtedly leave your pup craving for additional bites!

This variety pack includes four flavors of 5oz pack each. Each treat is formulated with particular health benefits in mind. This ensures that your pets get essential nutrition they require, even from treats.

Duck-Tato Jerky Bites: These jerky bites are seasoned with cinnamon. They complement our cage-free duck for a delicious protein-packed jerky. These jerky bites boosts digestion for your pet.

Chick'N Colada Jerky Bites: These bites support your pup’s skin & coat. We use humanely raised chicken which means they get feed that doesn’t plump up the volume with growth hormones and space where they can throw feathers to the wind.

Salmon Loves Butternut Jerky Bites: This jerky bite has wild-caught salmon combined with upcycled butternut squash + sweet potatoes, to make for one hell of a new jerky treat for your pup. The butternut squash and sweet potatoes act as aids for digestion, while the salmon, rich in omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals will give your pup's coat a nice, luscious shine.

Moo Lobsta Jerky Bites: The added hip & joint support will help your pup tear up the turf or hit the surf. Using grass-fed beef provides a trifecta of benefits - better for your pup, the cow, and the planet.

Shelf Life: 24 months


Why You Should Buy: 1. Duck-Tato Jerky Bites have duck and sweet potato flavor. Cage free ducks are used. These bites support digestion
2. Chick'N Colada Jerky Bites have chicken, banana and coconut flavor. Humanely raised chicken is used. These bites serve as functional support for healthy skin and coat
3. Salmon Loves Butternut Jerky Bites have salmon and butternut squash flavor. Wild caught salmon is used. These bites help in functional support for healthy skin/coat
4. Moo Lobsta Jerky Bites have beef and lobster flavor. Grass-fed beeef is used. These bites help in functional support for hip/joints
5. These treats are free from grains
6. No corn, wheat and soy
7. No artificial flavors
8. Made in the USA

Unit Weight: 5 oz

Size: 2 x 6.3 x 8 in

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