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Boyd Enterprises Red Slime Chemi Clean

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Boyd Red Slime ChemiClean helps clean and remove problem algae through its own unique process. Use as a problem solver or as part of a regular maintenance program.


  • Removes red cyanobacteria (red slime) from live coral
  • Removes red slime, black, blue-green, and bubble producing algae
  • Oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment
  • Clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear
  • Promotes ideal enzyme balance
  • Safe for reef tanks, fish, invertebrates, and desirable macroalgae
  • 2 grams treats up to 300 Gallons

The use of ChemiClean not only as a problem solver, when red slime is present but as a regular maintenance procedure will help keep your water crystal clear and your tank free of unwanted cyanobacteria.

Tip: For best results, turn off UV sterilizer or Ozonizer and Protein Skimmer. Remove Chemi-Pure for 24 hours following each treatment. It is advisable to do at least a 20% water change after full treatment. You must use an air stone when using ChemiClean. Place airstone in the aquarium prior to and during treatment.