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Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 - Small Animal & Reptile Terrarium Cleaner

by Zoo Med
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About the Product:

Zoo Med Wipe Out 1 Terrarium Disinfectant is a small animal cage disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. It is ideal for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing terrariums and other animal enclosures.

    Kill dangerous germs on contact. This liquid spray is a disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer that kills microbes in terrariums and small animal cages. It kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, including salmonella, choleraesuis and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

    Made in the USA.

    Directions for Use:

    • It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
    • An antibacterial cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer for terrariums, and small animal cages.
    • Can reduce the spread of bacterial infections in your animals.
    • Remove all animals, objects (hot rocks, caves, cage furniture, feeding and watering dishes/appliances), and substrate from your Terrarium or cage.
    • Saturate the surfaces of the terrarium/cage by spraying Wipe Out 1 and let it stand for 5 minutes. Then wipe all surfaces dry.
    • Do not return animals to the habitat until it is dry and ventilated.
    • Clean terrarium at least once weekly or more as needed.

    Active Ingredients: Alkyl Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride - 0.13%
    Inert Ingredients: 99.87%


    Why You Should Buy: 1. Disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer
    2. Great for terrariums and small animal cages
    3. Helps reduce the spread of bacterial infections in your terrarium

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