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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Dock

by Zoo Med
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Return Policy:

Please go through our 30 days return policy here

About the Product:

Zoo Med Turtle Dock is a unique floating dock for aquatic turtles to bask on. The Turtle Dock unique self-leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels. Zoo Med Turtle Dock features a submerged ramp that allows turtles easy access to dry areas.

Zoo Med Turtle Dock allows aquatic turtles a dry basking area for maximum exposure to heat and UVB lamps. The Zoo Med Turtle Dock can also be used for aquatic newts and frogs.

Product Details:

Mini: 3.5"L x 8"W - (5 Gallons and Up)
Small: 5"L x 11.25"W - (10 Gallons and Up)
Medium: 7"L x 15.5"W - (15 Gallons and Up)
Large: 9"L x 18"W - (40 Gallons and Up)
X-Large: 12"L x 24"W - (Ponds & Aquariums)

Q: How do I clean my Turtle Dock?
A: The dock can be rinsed with warm tap water. A soft scrub brush can be used to remove algae from the dock.
Q: The suction cups for my Turtle Dock aren't sticking to the glass anymore.
A: You can try soaking the suction cups in a mixture of hot water and white vinegar. This process should revive them. You can also scrape the water deposits off of the glass to be sure that the suction cups can stick to the glass.


Why You Should Buy: 1. Unique floating dock for turtles to bask on
2. Unique self-leveling feature automatically adjusts to all water levels
3. Submerged ramp allows turtles easy access to a dry area
4. 6-month manufacturer warranty



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