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Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Mangos - Small Animals

by Kaytee
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About the Product:

Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Mangos features naturally digestible premium Timothy hay blended with tasty mangos to support immune functions. This premium hay treat is grown without pesticides and hand-selected for optimal digestion. It's the ideal daily hay for rabbits and other small pets.

  • Natural timothy hay plus inclusions provide a variety of textures and flavors for a unique foraging experience for your pet
  • Grown specifically for small animals

Product Details:

Ingredients: Natural Sun-Cured Timothy Hay, Dried Mangos.

Feeding Instruction: Feed hay in hopper bin or loose in addition to your small animal's regular food. The amount of hay will vary with the size of the small animal. If your small animal finishes the hay, add more. Change food and add fresh water daily.

About the Brand:

Kaytee Timothy Hay is grown and harvested in the high elevations of the Colombian River Basin, which provides the ideal environment for nutrient-rich, sun-cured hay. It is hand selected from the second cutting to ensure the proper leaf-to-stem ratio, then sheltered to maintain the nutritional content. It is then cut again to maximize ease of feeding. It is an excellent source of long strand fiber to aid small pets in natural digestion.

Note: As this is a natural product, color may range from green to yellow-brown. Both colors are nutritionally sound (in fact, brown hay is slightly more nutritious than green). Color is determined by natural conditions at the growth site.

UPC: 071859943565

Why You Should Buy: 1. High fiber hay treat with mangos for immunity support
2. Aids in natural digestive process
3. All natural, pesticide and chemical-free