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Big Sky Antler Chew for Dogs

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Big Sky Large Antler Chews offer dogs what they really want: an all-natural, hearty chew with the unbeatable texture of real, organic antler. Big Sky antlers boast the ruggedness of the plains, perfect to satisfy your dog's most intense chewing needs.


  • All-natural elk and deer antler sheds
  • Long-lasting and rugged to satisfy dogs' natural urge to chew
  • Will not stain carpet or clothes
  • Large Antlers up to 8" Long

Big Sky antlers are harvested from natural North American elk and deer sheds, and contain no plastics, petrochemicals, empty starches or artificial flavors.

100% sourced and packaged in the USA.

Note: Sizes may vary as this is a natural product. To make up for size differences, antlers with wide girths may be shorter and thinner antlers may be longer than others in the same size group.