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AquaClear Filter Insert - Zeo-Carb

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About the Product:

A powerful combination of Activated Carbon and Ammonia Remover, the AquaClear Zeo-Carb Filter Insert effectively eliminates odors, discoloration, and impurities in freshwater aquariums. This potent chemical duo prevents the buildup of toxic ammonia and nitrite, producing clean and healthy aquarium water.

Instructions: Remove protective plastic bag and rinse Seo-Carb insert thoroughly before use. Place Zeo-Carb insert in the middle section of insert basket.

Maintenance: Zeo-Carb inserts should be rinsed using water from the aquarium. It is important to replace the insert monthly. Due to the adsorption qualities of Zeo-Carb, rinsing the insert will only remove loose particles and debris, not impurities that have been adsorbed. Never replace all filter inserts simultaneously to ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria.


Why You Should Buy: 1. Combines Activated Carbon and Ammonia Remover
2. Prevents Build-Up of Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite
3. Removes Odors, Discoloration, and Impurities
4. Reduces Stress on Fish
5. For Freshwater Use Only

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