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Acurel Phosphate Reducing Pad

by Acurel
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About the Product:

Acurel Phosphate Reducing Pads help pulls harmful phosphates from your aquarium or pond water. The long-lasting poly-fiber material is thicker and more rigid than other pads making them fit tighter, hold their shape longer, filter more effectively, and last longer.

Avoid potential algae outbreaks caused by high phosphate levels. Pull harmful phosphates from your aquarium or pond water with these pads, specially infused with phosphate-absorbing particles.

These media pads can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or in ponds. Cut to fit any aquarium or pond filter unit.

To Use:

Our Media Pads can be used in fresh or saltwater aquariums or ponds.
They can be cut to fit any aquarium or pond filtration unit including hang-on filters, canister filters, top filters, internal filters, wet/dry filters and more.

UPC: 842982025103

Why You Should Buy: 1. Quickly reduce phosphates to safe levels
2. Improve and maintain fish health
3. Enhance water quality
4. Remove all organic particles, foreign debris, residual medications, excess food, and waste


Size: 10"L x 18"W

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