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Pet Safety for the 4th of July Weekend -

Pet Safety for the 4th of July Weekend

Fireworks aren’t fun for Pets.


More pets go missing over this holiday than on any other day.


  1. They get scared of the fireworks/noise and run away.
  2. Pets can get anxious due to multiple factors on this holiday.
  3. They can get injured or burnt from fireworks/bonfires/grills, etc.
  4. They can consume food that’s harmful for them if left unattended.
  5. They can get distracted from a variety of things, including food smells which can cause them to stray away.

4th July Pets


  1. If Indoors: 
  • The most prudent thing to do is to keep your pet indoors. You might be tempted to take them with you for the celebrations, but home is where they will be the safest.
  • It is especially important to keep your pet indoors if they have anxiety. You can give them some frozen treats or calming treats to make sure they are docil. If your pet has severe anxiety, you can consult with a vet for mild sedatives.
  • Keep doors/windows shut and blinds drawn. You can also put on some music or keep the television on to help drown out the sound of the fireworks.
  • You should let them hide in their safe space, for instance, under the bed.
  1. If Outdoors:
  • As lots of pets get lost on this holiday, make sure your pet is wearing a clear and updated name tag, so that if they are lost, there are better chances of them being returned safely. Microchipping your pet is another common practice.
  • Pets can also get distracted from food smells, for instance, if your neighbor is grilling for this reason pets should not be left unsupervised outdoors.
  • Pets should not be let near any fireworks, bonfires, grills, glowsticks etc, as they can get distracted or injured from the same.
  • One must keep water ready for the pets. One shouldn’t use sunscreen or any such products that are not safe for pets to use.
  • Keep your pet’s favorite treats handy, so they can be used for calming/distracting them. Keep your pet’s away from food as various kinds of human food is toxic for pets and they might consume it when one is not paying attention.
  • For alleviating their anxiety, make sure you have all the right products with you (calming treats, reflective harness, etc.).
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