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Lixit Widemouth Bird Water Bottle

by Lixit
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Lixit Widemouth Bird Bottle. Birds are attracted to the cherry red control ball by sight, curiosity, and the smell of water. When they peck the red ball, water is released directly into the beak.


  • Provides a protected, enclosed water supply.
  • Water stays fresh and clean, tastes better, and lasts longer.
  • No drip, vacuum-lock seal.

Lixit Bird Bottles work on a vacuum-lock, not valve seal. When the bottle is filled and first inverted, press in the control ball and let water trickle out until vacuum lock develops before placing bottle in holder. Minor dripping may continue until the water warms up to the surrounding air temperature.

Additional features:


  • Stainless steel ball point tube.
  • Crystal clear bottle makes it easy to check water level.
  • No spilling, stagnation, or pollution. Never any slime, seed hulls, food, feathers, or droppings in the water.
  • Reduces risk of airborne bacterial contamination. Provides health and disease protection for your bird.
  • Easy-to-fill, easy-to-clean wide mouth bottle.
  • Quick-release bottle holder fits any horizontal or vertical wire cage.


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