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Exo-Terra Night Heat Lamp

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About the Product:

The Exo-Terra Night Heat Lamp Reptile Bulb features blue glass to simulate natural moonlight without altering natural day length or photo period. This is a great way to view your reptile's natural nocturnal activities without causing interruption!

    This lamp features a Neodymium sleeve and emits a bluish light that will not disrupt your reptile or amphibian's day/night cycle. Heat emitted is minimal, but still enough to replicate tropical night temperatures. The low wattage does not interfere with natural night drops in temperature.

    Tip: Combine with Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp or Repti Glo to create a 24-hour cycle. Formerly known as the Night Glo Moonlight Lamp.

    Note: This lamp does NOT provide UVB.


    Why You Should Buy: 1. Simulates natural moonlight for nocturnal viewing
    2. Promotes normal digestion, breeding behaviors and other healthy activities
    3. Maintains tropical night time temperatures