Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood

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Blue Ribbon Natural Malaysian Driftwood is an ideal decoration for all terrarium and aquarium environments. These beautiful natural driftwood pieces SINK and do not require weights to remain seated at the bottom of your aquarium.


  • Authentic natural Malaysian driftwood
  • Self-sinking requires no weights to keep down
  • Great decoration for aquariums and terrariums

Tip: Rinse and keep submerged in freshwater (separate from your aquarium) for 2-3 days before use. This will help prevent discoloration of your aquarium water.

Sizing Reference:

  • Small - Smaller arches and thin diameter.
  • Medium - Moderate arches and average diameter.
  • Large - Broad arches and thick diameter with prominent knobs.

Note: Malaysian Driftwood varies in size because it is a natural item. If the item is not up to your expectations you are responsible for shipping the item back to us.