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Beckett Pond Pump with Pre-Filter and LED Light Kit

by Beckett
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About the Product:

This Beckett Fountain Pond Pump and LED Light is ideal for water features. This fountain reaches a maximum lift of 8' and a maximum of 450 gallons per hour. 

Magnetic drive pumps are low maintenance with only one moving part, a shaft with an impeller. Their durable construction, corrosion resistance, and energy efficiency will make a magnetic drive pump an integral part of your pond system season after season. This Beckett Fountain and Pond Pump with LED Light is specifically crafted for small to medium water features or ponds. Its LED light beautifully shines from your water feature creating a peaceful ambiance. Its inconspicuous design, low profile, and quiet operation make this pump a must. Pond pumps circulate and aerate their environment, constructing an eco-balance in which wildlife of all kinds, including goldfish, koi, and turtles can thrive, as well as a vast variety of flora. The pump operates oil-free, eliminating the risk of water contamination.

Includes 16-foot power cord.

UPC: 052309723043

Why You Should Buy: 1. The Beckett magnetic drive pumps are efficient, low-energy units designed to run continuously without oil or seals that may fail.
2. Using less energy than their direct drive counterparts, magnetic drive pumps can often save enough money in energy to pay for themselves in just one season.